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【Covid19 Measures】University closed for prevention against covid-19【Until June 30th】

To All International Students

This is the COVID-19-related updated information from ISO

Due to the expansion of COVID-19, closing UEC has been extended until June 30.

In response to this, we will continue to close ISO counter service, but accepting email inquiries. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ISO by email.

[ISO: Counter Closing Period]

Jun 30, 2020 (The period may be subject to change)

[Office Hours]

9: 00-17: 00 (weekdays)


Accepting email inquiries

Please be sure to write your student ID number and name when you sent email to ISO.

[VISA Extension]

Online application system for extension of period of stay is available.

Please check the URL below and send us your application form and identification photos


For MEXT, Japan-Korea, and JASSO scholarships (acceptance of agreements), ISO staff will send announcement to each scholarship holder (You don’t need to come to ISO)

For other scholarships holders, please contact ISO by e-mail.

[Research Student]

-Submit necessary documents (tuition fee payment slips, etc.) when ISO counter service resumes.

-Please come to pick up your new identification card when ISO counter service resumes.


Please contact ISO by e-mail.

If you really should come to UEC for your graduation thesis and dissertation, please refer to the followings:

- Get permission from your supervisor by email.

- Try to minimize the number of days and laboratory stay.

- Record your entrance and exit times at the main or west gate. Please be sure to bring your student ID.


Created: May 27, 2020 / Last modified:May 28, 2020