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Online Application for extension of period of stay

From January 2020, Online VISA application system is available!
Only the following students are able to apply for VISA extension via ONLINE system.
  1. VISA status is “Student”
  2. At the time of application, you are enrolled in UEC as research, undergraduate, and graduate student
  3. The latest residence card has been submitted to ISO(International Student Office).From 3 months before the expired date, online application is possible. Please start to work on as soon as possible

Flow of online procedures

  1. Download and fill out the “Online Resident Renewal Application
    - Please use Japanese or English (Traditional and simplified Chinese characters are not supported by online system)
  2. After completing the form, send the application form and your photo to the International Student Office
    * For research students in the second year, you must submit “letter from supervisor"
    - File name and mail subject should be "online_your student number_your name"
    Ex: online_1900001_UEC taro
    - Please make sure that the contents are correct
    - Please submit a photo that meets the following conditions
            ・height 4cm X width 3cm
            ・Jpeg or jpg file
            ・without a background including shadows
            ・Photographed within 3 months (The photo used at the last VISA apply can’t be used)
            ・Clearly to see your face 
  3. International Student Office will update your resident status online
    - After the procedure is completed, you will receive an e-mail from the Immigration Bureau that the reception has been completed
    - It takes 2 weeks to 1 month to complete the examination
  4. Once you receive the e-mail notification after examination, go to the immigration bureau to receive your residence card
    - Pick up will be from either Shinagawa or Tachikawa (you can choose)
    - Belongings: Passport, residence card, and Fee(4,000Yen)
  5. After you received new residence card, go to city hall to extend a validated date of National Health Insurance
    - Resident registration, pensions or ect. are directly contacted by the Immigration Bureau, so no procedures are required individually.
  6. Bring your new residence card and National Health Insurance card to ISO.
    - If you do not submit, we will not be able to support you in the future.

Below students can’t use online application system, please consult with us.

- want to CHANGE status of residence 
- Those who have experienced repetition twice or more
  *if you have experienced repetition first time, you can apply Visa extension via Online.
  But, You will need to submit a statement of reason from your supervisor. 

Created: February 27, 2020 / Last modified:March 11, 2020