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Fusion of AI and Quantum Sciences for Developing Innovative Human Resources: Global Education Program in the COVID-19 Era (AiQuSci)


1. About Our Program

The "Fusion of AI and Quantum Sciences for Developing Innovative Human Resources: Global Education Program in the COVID-19 Era (AiQuSci)" is a new international graduate program offered by the Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering at the University of Electro-Communications (UEC Tokyo). The program started in the Fall Semester of academic year 2021. The program has been selected to be part of the prestigious Japanese government (MEXT) special scholarship program. 
The program is aimed at graduate engineers and scientists who can bridge the gap between fields of specialization, industry and academia as well as national borders, forming a network of trained individuals who can collectively contribute to SDGs, higher education in developing countries, etc. To this end, AiQuSci recruits excellent international students interested in Informatics and Engineering, with a view to innovations based on Quantum Sciences and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They will be joined by Japanese students, who study the same curriculum to become global leaders with broad perspectives.

2. Course Overview

  • Students will pursue their desired major by enrolling in one of the following Departments or Joint Doctoral Program: Department of Informatics, Department of Communication Engineering and Informatics, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Department of Engineering Science as well as the Joint Doctoral Program for Sustainable Research. In addition, they will receive guidance from faculty members working in two complementary fields: one is the main field and the other is the subfield in order to help students broaden their scope of study and experience.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in various educational and research events such as internships, international conferences, collaborative training camps with students from neighboring universities, subject to their own choice and to the judgment of their supervisors.

3. Recruitment Capacity of AiQuSci for MEXT Scholarship Students

  • Master's Course: 2 students
  • Doctoral Course: 6 students
* In principle, the program is limited to those who were born after April 2, 1987.
** AiQuSci program is also open to 8 privately-financed students and 16 Japanese students.

4. Nationality

We will focus on accepting an applicant who holds one of the nationalities specified by MEXT. The list of Priority Nationalities announced by MEXT last year are as follows.
According to MEXT regulations last year, UEC can recommend applicants from non-priority nationalities up to 2 students.
* There is a possibility that it will change in the future.
Also, applicants must have the nationality of a country with diplomatic relations with Japanese government. Applicants who have Japanese nationality at the time of application are ineligible. However, Japanese nationals that reside outside of Japan at the time of application, having dual citizenship with another country, and plan on relinquishing their Japanese nationality before arrival, may apply.

5. How to find an academic supervisor of UEC?

Firstly, please go to the website listed below, or simply use Google search with your interested words, such as “Laboratory", "UEC" and your research field.
Secondly, contact directly to UEC faculty members by e-mail or ZOOM to receive his/her permission.

6. Application Requirements of AiQuSci

Please see the following pamphlet for details
* An applicant may not file MEXT scholarship programs of other universities at the same time. If it is found that the applicant has applied to more than one university, he / she will be disqualified.

Please see the following pamphlet for details

Created: December 7, 2020 / Last Modified: December 28, 2021