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Student Development Program for Multifaceted International Collaboration Hubs (MICH)


1. About Our Program

The "Student Development Program for Multifaceted International Collaboration Hubs (MICH)" is a new international graduate program offered by the Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, the University of Electro-Communications (UEC). The program starts in the Fall Semester of academic year 2020. The program has been selected to be part of the prestigious Japanese government (MEXT) special scholarship program.
The program aims to graduate engineers and scientists who can bridge the gap between fields of specialization, industry and academia, and national borders, forming a network of trained individuals who can collectively contribute to SDGs, higher education in developing countries, etc. To this end MICH recruits excellent international students interested in Informatics and Engineering. They will be joined by Japanese students, who study under the same curriculum, and together they are expected to become global  leaders with broad perspectives.

2. Course Overview


3. Recruitment Capacity of MICH for MEXT Scholarship Students

* In principle, the program is limited to those who were born after April 2, 1985.
** MICH program is also open to 8 privately-financed students and 16 Japanese students.

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