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Guidance and Assistance in Everyday Life

Notification and Announcements for International Students

Announcements for international students are placed on specific bulletin boards, the locations of which are given below, except under special circumstances.


Please check the bulletin board at least once every three days. In addition, emergency announcements may be sent to international students via telephone, e-mail, or through other international students.

For announcements concerning matters also of interest to Japanese students, such as information on classes or course work, please check the university bulletin board located on the north side of Building C, the bulletin boards for each department, or the bulletin board for each department.

Consultation for Academic Work and Everyday Living for International Students

If you have any questions or problems concerning academic work or everyday life, it is highly recommended that you consult a faculty at CIPE or a member of staff at International Student Section as early as possible. The International Student Advisor and International Student Section deal with such enquiries and you should keep in mind that you will be given a higher priority if you make reservations in advance.


Harassment refers to an infringement of personal dignity, based on one person’s position of advantage over another. If you feel that someone’s words or actions against you are offensive (sexually or from the point of view of human rights), tell the person firmly that you feel discomfort. Even if the person is your superior or student senior to you, it is important to refuse to accept harassment and state your thoughts clearly. If you find it impossible to speak for yourself, it is also important to ask for help.

In cases of harassment, even if you are unable to say “stop” to a person harassing you, keep it in mind that you avoid self-criticism since you are not at fault. You should not attempt to bear the burden alone but should inform an instructor at CIPE or a harassment consultant (Student Consultation Section, Student Services Office) immediately. Depending on the situation, an investigation may be conducted, and relief for the victim provided. Please be assured that all such matters will be kept strictly confidential.

Emergency Response

To ensure that UEC faculty and staff can provide effective assistance for international students in cases of accident or danger, CIPE has prepared a list of Risk Management Policies for UEC International Students and recommends that students do their best to be prepared for crises. Please read the explanatory handout provided at the orientation session for newly entering international students or read "Administrative ProceduresAdministrative Procedures".

Created: March 30, 2010 / Last modified: November 19, 2012