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Institutional Program for Young Researcher Overseas Visits


This program has been selected to implement the "Institutional Program for Young Researcher Overseas Visits," one of the JSPS sponsorship programs, which will send UEC young researchers overseas intensively for a three-year period beginning February 2010 through January 2013 in an attempt to nurture the young researchers who can actively work worldwide.

Program’s Intent

The environment, energy, food, ethnic-religious conflicts, North-South divide, and sustainable development --- complex global issues like these cannot be solved or achieved without communication ‘between and among humans,’ ‘between humans and nature,’ ‘between humans and societies,’ and ‘between humans and artifacts’. Enhanced communication is the essential challenge we must pursue. Based on this belief, UEC has set out its fundamental strategy in education and research to establish and expand Comprehensive Communication Science that functions with communication at the core and contributes to human resource cultivation in such fields of science.

UEC, aiming to be recognized as the international research center for Comprehensive Communication Science, encourages its young researchers to be motivated and self-reliant, yet competent in international settings. Nurturing such qualities in their minds and behaviors requires not only cross-cultural understanding but also active participation in research exchanges and collaborations on an international scale with researchers in different fields of science. Through this program, UEC young researchers willing to take on such challenges are going to have hands-on experiences at appropriate academic institutions overseas. The program also intends to instill our perspective and activities in those collaborating institutions in order to put them into practice.


Feb. 2010 – Jan. 2013 (Call for the program is over .)

Reports by Researchers

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Report Form

Download the form (Overseas-Visits-report-format-English.doc)


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