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How to Dispose of Garbage

Most Japanese municipalities encourage garbage reduction and recycling. Unless you appropriately sort and dispose of your garbage and recyclable resources at the collection station and times designated by your local municipality, they will not be collected. The sorting procedures vary depending on the municipality where you live.

Not following the designated rules for disposing of garbage may cause misunderstandings with your neighbors, so please be sure to check the website or pamphlets provided by your local municipality concerning the disposal of garbage (covering such things as how to sort garbage, the collection days and times, collection stations, how to dispose of bulky items, etc.).

How to sort garbage in Chofu City

Refer to Garbage Recycling Calendar and

Note: Dispose of combustible garbage and non-combustible garbage in the garbage bags designated for use by Chofu City (available at convenience stores and other locations for a fee).

Specified 4 Electric Appliances and PC

According to the Home Appliance Recycling Law, the following four items are not handled as regular bulky items:

Please ask the appliance shop where you purchased the item to handle your used item or consult your local municipality for disposal details. The disposal fee for these items is generally about ¥2,500 to ¥4,000 per item.

In addition, you are required to recycle personal computers, and municipalities do not collect these. Please contact the manufacturer of your computer for instructions on how to dispose of your used computer.

Created: December 13, 2017 / Last modified:December 13, 2017