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Why UEC?

Messages from international students and researchers of UEC.

Vamoua YACHONGKA-Graduate Student

Hello everyone!      My name is Vamoua YACHONGKA and I am from Laos, a tiny landlocked country in southeast Asia. I came to Japan in Apri...*

Gu Minghan

I am Gu Minghan, an international student from China. I came to Japan in 2010, and studied Japanese at a Japanese language school for 2 years and attended a c...*

Lee Sinyoung-Graduate Student

Hello. My name is Lee Sinyoung, from South Korea. I came to Japan as a student of Preliminary Course for Japan-Korea Joint Exchange Program in Science and En...*

Hossain Ahmed-Graduate Student

Hi, I am Hossain Ahmed and I am from Bangladesh. I have completed both my bachelor and masters from UEC. My research topic was on quantum control of ultra-col...*

TCHICALI K. F. Patrick-Undergraduate Student

Hello! My name is Patrick. I came from Cameroon. Since my childhood, I wanted to come to Japan at least once in my life. After I graduated high school, I deci...*

Munkhzul Munkhtsog-Undergraduate Student

My name is Munkhzul Munkhtsog. I came from Mongol. I came to Japan as Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT) student in 2012. First, I studied Japanese at Tok...*

Vikram-Graduate Student

Hai, my name is Vikram and I came from India.I did my masters at the University of Hyderabad, India. At first I came to Japan as a research student for a year...*

Gabriel Delgado-Undergraduate Student

Hi! My name is Gabriel Delgado and I am from Costa Rica. I came to Japan with a Scholarship granted by the Japanese Government (MEXT). During my first year in J...*

Ihsen Aziz Ouedraogo-Graduate Student

Hi, my name is Ihsen Aziz Ouedraogo and I come from Burkina Faso. I came to Japan in October 2010 with the Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT). I used to w...*

Gabriel Peixoto de Carvalho-Exchange Student

My name is Gabriel Peixoto de Carvalho, I come from the Federal University of Pará, in the city of Belém do Pará. I choose UEC because I ...*

Tung Wei Chun-Graduate Student

I am Tung Wei Chun from a beautiful island, TAIWAN. My major is Electro Engineering and I have been studying specifically about wireless communication systems...*

Amogh Rathore-Undergraduate Student

Hi! I am Amogh Rathore from India. I am currently a first year student of the Department of Communication Engineering and Informatics at UEC. As a first year ...*

Than Hong Phuc-Graduate Student

I am Than Hong Phuc, from Quang Nam Province in Middle of Viet Nam. I came to Japan as a government-sponsored foreign student in April, 2005. In the first yea...*

Teuku Muhammad Roffi-Graduate Student

Hi, my name is Teuku Muhammad Roffi. I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am studying about electronics engineering specifically semiconductor materials and devi...*

Anderson Arias Marin-Graduate

I am Anderson Arias Marin from Manizales, Colombia. While I was in the country, I dreamed studying the most advanced robot technology in the world. For this, ...*

Wei Dong-Graduate

I am Wei Dong from Xian, China. I entered UEC's Information and Communication Engineering in April, 2002. I chose UEC with the mind that I had to enrich p...*

Ms. Jaruwan YATJAROEN-Exchange Student

The First Impression in Japan This is the first time that I go abroad. Before I came here I heard so many thing about Japan, such as Japan has many natural p...*

WANG Mengmeng-Undergraduate Student

Hoping to Develop New Interfaces that Can Meet the Aging Society Needs I'm from Qingdao (Tsingtao), ShanDong Province in China, a coastal city with rich ...*

FADIA, Dewanda-Exchange Student

My First Impression of UEC When I arrived at UEC, I could see that UEC has very strategic location. It's very close to the station, and SEIYU supermarket...*

PIPPIN, Michael-Exchange Student

What a Unique and Exciting Campus!! The evening I came to UEC, it was dark and raining. The first thing I did was go to my room and flick on my light only ...*

WOROSUNTI GALUH, Beningkinasih-Exchange Student

The people are so nice! Professors, lectures, staffs, seniors, and friends are very nice to me ;) When I came to UEC for the first time, the seniors of JUSST...*

MARINOV, Momchil-Exchange Student

In my opinion UEC (University of Electro-Communications) is a university which is always on the hunt for innovations and improvements in lots of spheres. That...*

Rizwan ARIF-Graduate Student

UEC provides an excellent setting for your study and research, including one of the few libraries and laboratories in Japan facilitated with the most up-to-da...*

Guijiang SUN-Graduate Student

I had never touched a computer 'til I was at my first job after finishing my education in China, and it made me realize that with high level computer skil...*