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Japanese-Language Studies and Social Exchanges in the Community

Communication in Japanese is indispensable for leading a fulfilling life in Japan. In addition, as described in Section "Disaster Prevention (Earthquakes, Fire Prevension, etc.)", the adequate Japanese-language skills and sufficient communication in your local community are vitally important at the time of a crisis. It is recommended that you actively study the local language and culture of Japan, once you have become accustomed to your new life in Japan.

UEC Center for International Programs and Exchange (CIPE)

The Center for International Programs and Exchange (CIPE) offers Japanese-language classes for international students, and international researchers may also take the classes. No fees are charged except for the cost of the textbook, but the following requirements listed below must be fulfilled:

  1. Take a placement test that is conducted during the first week of April or October and register for a class
  2. Attend classes three times a week or more throughout the semester (15 weeks)
  3. Obtain approval from your host faculty.

The spouse of international researchers may also take classes if there is a vacancy in the class. In this case, the spouse must also fulfill Requirements 1. through 3. given above. For more information, please contact faculty of Japanese Language /Japanese Culture at CIPE (Building E-2 second floor).

Chofu International Friendship Association (CIFA)

The Chofu International Friendship Association (CIFA) offers Japanese-language conversation classes at the beginner level and consultation services for everyday living for non-Japanese residents who live, work, or study in Chofu City. It also conducts international exchange events.

Location: City Culture Hall Tazukuri 9F (See Campus Neighborhood Map) Tel: 042-441-6195

Musashino International Friendship Organization (MIFO)

The Musashino International Friendship Organization (MIFO) was founded in 1990 with the goal of encouraging international exchanges between international students at UEC and Chofu City residents.

The group operates a tea lounge called MIFO Salon (Thursdays, 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in UEC Building E-2, Room B-109) and conducts various events. International researchers and their family members are welcome to join.

Online Japanese-Language Studies

NHK World Japanese Lessons


In addition to the above-mentioned groups and programs, there are various international exchange groups and Japanese language schools in Tokyo area. Please take the initiative to collect more information if you are interested.

Created: December 13, 2017 / Last modified:December 13, 2017