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To come to Japan, you will need a passport. If you do not have a valid passpor...(Read more)


To enter Japan, you must obtain a visa that suits your purpose and period of s...(Read more)

Visa Status

“Visa status” refers to the category of activities that non-Japane...(Read more)

Accompanying Family Members

While international researchers can stay in Japan with a Professor or Cultural...(Read more)

Tax Convention

A tax convention states that when a resident of a country that has signed a ta...(Read more)

International Driver's License

Japanese cities have advanced public transportation systems that include such ...(Read more)

Overseas Travel Accident Insurance

Non-Japanese who plan to stay in Japan for less than three months are not...(Read more)

Arrangements for Accommodations

Please consult your host faculty concerning accommodations immediately after y...(Read more)

Name Stamp (Inkan or Hanko)

In Japan, name stamps are used as a sign of confirmation when finalizing cont...(Read more)

Credit Cards and Bank Cash Cards

ATM of Japan Post Bank

Although non-Japanese (not include permanent resident foreigner) cannot make a...(Read more)