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When Returning to Your Home Country


The following information is the basic procedures that international researchers who leave Japan permanently should be done before leaving Japan. You may have other procedures you need to complete.

Please make sure to complete all necessary procedures before you leave Japan.

Check list (Leaving Japan)  (PDF 23KB)  UEC Only

Moving Out

When you are moving out of your accommodation, please tell your landlord (the person in charge of managing the housing) or the real estate agent one month before your scheduled moving date and complete the designated procedures.
Be sure to clean your apartment and dispose of all garbage (especially bulky items) before moving out.
The security deposit you paid when you moved in will normally be returned to you after deducting expenses for cleaning, repairs, and renewal of the interior and fixtures.

Notification of Moving Out

When you fix the leaving date, you are required to submit in advance a moving-out notification to the municipality.
*The municipality accepts the notification 2weeks before leaving.
*The notification to the municipality is obligation as provided by the Law. If you do not complete the procedure, you might be charged administrative penalty.

Cancellation and Service-termination Charges for Telephone, Internet or Utilities, etc.

  1. Communication Service
    Contact the companies that provide your fixed telephone, cell phone, and Internet service; complete the procedures for cancellation and service-termination charges.
  2. Utility Service
    As for utilities; such as electricity, gas, and water contact each company a few days before your move out to clear off charges.

Various Types of Certificates and Returning Library Books

Before leaving Japan, return the various types of certificates you have.

  1. Health Insurance card
    • National Health Insurance card: To the National Health Insurance section of your local municipal office
    • UEC Health Insurance card: To the Personnel Section of the Personnel and Labor Affairs Office
    • Membership card of The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association: To the Payment and Mutual Aid Section of the Personnel and Labor Affairs Office
  2. UEC ID: To the General Affairs Section of the General Affairs Office
  3. Membership card of University Coop: To the Coop. office.
    *When you withdraw from the Coop, your membership fee will be refunded.(Need the receipt that you received when entering the membership.)
  4. If you have borrowed any books from UEC library or public libraries, be sure to return them as well.

Termination of Credit Card Service

Please ask the information desk of Credit Card Company you made the card.
*If you get the Tuo card (Mitsui Sumitomo Visa Card) through University Coop, call to the following information desk.
FOR YOU DESK: 0570-004-980
*You can cancel the service from abroad: +81-3-5392-7413
NOTE: The number is not AUTO Collect Call. Please tell an operator that you wish call with collect call. Japanese operator may not be English speaker. Please inform you want to speak a person who can speak English.

Bank Accounts

IMPORTANT! You cannot terminate a bank account when you leave
Your final salary will be deposited to your account following months of the month you worked. UEC does not send salary to abroad bank account. Therefore, you have to keep your account. Also, you may be required to pay utility fees after you leave. CIPE does not handle monetary issue. Therefore, we recommend you to find a person whom you can trust and ask him/her to send the money to you.

  1. The most of Japanese Banks do not accept closing the account by the third party even he/she has your proxy letter (EXCEPT Japan Post Bank).
  2. Japan Post Bank accepts closing an account by the third party who has your proxy letter. Please refer to the followings;
  3. To close a bank account, bring your bankbook, cash card, and name stamp to the service counter and complete closing procedures.

Pension Premium

If you have paid pension premium more than 6 months in Japan, you will be able to apply reimbursement to the Japan Pension Office after leaving Japan. Please refer to the following URL:

The Letter of Resignation

If you wish to quit UEC before the employment contract ends, you will be required to write and submit the letter of resignation to the Personnel and Labor Affairs Office. Please refer to the following form and example;

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