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Offices and Services
Office Section Description of Services Telephone No. (extension)
Student Services Office International Planning Section Procedures concerning overseas business trip, Certificate of Overseas Travel 5115
Extracurricular Activities/ Student Welfare Section Student welfare facilities (Hamami House, Sugadaira Seminar House, etc.) 5085
General Affairs Office Personnel Section Employment procedures, employment certificate, commuting allowance 5022, 5021
Remuneration and Mutual Aid Section Salary, mutual aid insurance, procedures concerning income tax or tax convention 5889
Staff Welfare Section Procedures concerning domestic business trip, health checkups, workers’ accident compensation insurance 5024, 5023
Research Cooperation Office Research Promotion Section Issues relating to Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), etc. 5018, 5017
Financial & Accounting Office Property Management Section bicycle registration 5038
Accounting Section Business trip expenses, rewards 2053, 5041
Center for International Programs
& Exchange
  Support for Researchers 5736


  1. Only Japanese is spoken at offices other than the International Planning Section in general.
  2. When making a call from outside, please dial the extension after dialing 042-443.


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