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UEC Academic Skills

UEC Academic Skills I B (Computer Literacy)

academicskills1.jpgUEC Academic Class is designed to give you some grapes of all sorts of computer experience. It aims to give you an opportunity to get familiar with very basic computer skills for Academic Work and Study. You will learn introductory parts of UNIX Networking Computer, Fortran, C Language, TeX and HTML (Website Making).

UEC Academic Skills II B (Cross-Cultural Communication)

academicskills2.jpgYou will learn a presentation skill for oral / poster presentation. At the end of semester, all new/senior JUSST Students are required to give a presentation on their major study and research. New JUSST Students will be required to give poster presentation with 1-2 panel space given. Senior JUSST Students of Postgraduate will be required to give an oral presentation for 20 minutes.

UEC Academic Skills IV B (Comprehensive Reading & Summary Writing)

In this class, you will learn comprehensive reading skills and summary skills for scientific and business purpose. Every week, you will do short or long article reading on scientific and business topics. We expect that you will increase your vocabulary and pick-up skills of keywords in a text.

UEC Academic Skills V B (Maths & Scientific Writing)

Prerequisites: High School Maths

In this class, you will develop your mathematical writing skills and scientific writing skills through many writing exercises.  Teachers and tutors will correct your writing every week in/out of this class. High School Maths books will be used for the beginning of semester. You will probably be able to read out most university maths expressions by the end of this semester. IELTS base English writing exercise will also be carried out in this class.

UEC Academic Skills III B (Research & Presentation)

*for JUSST Exchange Students in their SECOND semester.

academicskills3.jpgThis class focuses attention on the exercise of strategic research project. Students are required to carry out a study/research project for more than a half of year with a specific topic. Then, they have to proceed their own project after they choose their own topic and make a monthly plan. At the end of semester, there will be an international mini-conference that has participants of all new and senior JUSST Exchange Students and other regular UEC Students. Students are required to give a presentation on their projects that they decide at the beginning of class.

Postgraduate Students will be required to give an oral presentation for 20 minutes in the conference.


Assoc Prof. Masahisa SUZUKI and Associates

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