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Tung Wei Chun

IMG_7658.jpgTung Wei Chun
from Taiwan

I am Tung Wei Chun from a beautiful island, TAIWAN. My major is Electro Engineering and I have been studying specifically about wireless communication systems as the theme of master’s program at a laboratory of Associate Professor PHAM.

When I joined UEC’s JUSST program in my 3rd year of university enrolled at that time, it was the first visit to Japan. Of course, it was my first time visit to UEC. I did not have any experiences living abroad. Language, culture, life and the environment to study…everything were new and challenging. I had satisfying life through the experiences. JUSST program I spent one year developed my global vision. I couldn’t have done without the great contributions of international exchange activities provided by UEC.
UEC provides not only several Japanese classes to adjust each student’s level, but also interesting activities for us. It is notable that UEC, the university for science, gives us the perfect setting for continuing and developing our research and study.
During my one year as a student of JUSST program, I improved my Japanese language skill from zero to fluent. I passed 2nd level of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. Also I could build up a network of connection in my major field of study. Definitely, those are fruits of excellent UEC’s programs.

After finishing JUSST program, I decided to enroll UEC’s graduate school to obtain master’s degree. UEC is famous in science and engineering field and also has close link with business enterprises. During my two years of master’s program, I also had many memorable and productive experiences. Meticulous teaching from Dr. PHAM and participating collaborative researches with business enterprises expanded my view in my major field. I met researchers and students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in Vietnam during short term research exchange project. They and I presented our research results at an international conference twice in two years. Without teamwork with them, I could not accomplish those presentations.

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Created: February 25, 2014 / Last modified: February 25, 2014