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Credit Cards and Bank Cash Cards

Although non-Japanese (not include permanent resident foreigner) cannot make a credit card in Japan generally, it is possible you have a credit card if you join UEC Co-op (university cooperative) membership. However, in some cases, an application is rejected. It is recommended one possible way that you acquire a credit card before coming to Japan if you plan to use one. The common types of credit cards used in Japan are VISA and Master Card; shops that accept American Express and Diners Club are more limited in number. Please note that in Japan, payment is generally made in cash, and many convenience stores and restaurants do not accept credit cards.

Withdrawal Money Using Overseas’ Credit or Cash Cards

Cash can be withdrawn using many credit cards and cash cards issued overseas at automated teller machines (ATMs) of post office (Japan Post Bank) or SEVEN BANK ( at convenience stores).

Japan Post Bank

Created: March 29, 2010 / Last modified:June 16, 2014