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International Driver's License

Japanese cities have advanced public transportation systems that include such things as trains and buses. Since UEC is also conveniently located, it is not necessary to drive a car in everyday life. However, if it is possible that you will drive a car in Japan, it is recommended that you acquire an international driver’s license before coming to Japan.

An international driver’s license is valid for one year after arrival in Japan or until the valid period stated on the license, whichever is shorter, and the license cannot be renewed in Japan. To continue driving in Japan, you must convert your valid foreign driver’s license to a Japanese license. The procedures for converting your driver’s license can be completed at your local driver’s license center (Fuchu Driver's License Test Center, etc.).

*The following three conditions must be met for converting to Japanese driver's license:

  1. You stayed more than 3 months after taking the international driver's license in the country where you obtained it
  2. Validated license
  3. Must pass written exam and skill test

*People from designated countries may be exempt from written exam.
Please ask for details to your local driver's license center before going.

Created: March 30, 2010 / Last modified:June 5, 2014