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Public Manners

It is said that Japanese people are conscientious about public manners. Familiarity with Japanese social rules and manners will help make life easier and more comfortable for you and the people around you. Some important guidelines to note are as follows:


Inside a Train or Bus


In recent years, there has been an increasing number of accidents involving pedestrians and bicycles, resulting in problems that include cases in which compensation has had to be paid. Following are traffic laws related to the use of bicycles:


Japanese people tend to dislike strong odors. Be careful about the smell of foods in locations other than those designated for food and beverages, as well as the smell of strong incense or perfume.


In Japan, there is no custom of tipping.


Men and women should avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing when visiting shrines and temples, and women might wish to keep a shawl with them to be worn.


If you have an appointment, be careful to avoid being late. Bear in mind that you get to the meeting place five minutes early.

Created: March 30, 2010 / Last modified:November 19, 2012