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Tax:Income Tax / Inhabitant Tax

TAX There are several types of tax in Japan, such as Income Tax/Inhabitant Ta...(Read more)

My Number: The Social Security and Tax Number System

In this system individual numbers ("My Number") will be assigned to ...(Read more)


Moving out When you are moving out of your accommodation, please tell your la...(Read more)


Japan has four distinct seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). Generall...(Read more)

National Holidays

The followings are national holidays in Japan. January 1 ...(Read more)


UEC International House

It is important for international researchers to secure comfortable housing th...(Read more)

How to Dispose of Garbage

Most Japanese municipalities encourage garbage reduction and recycling. Unless...(Read more)

Electricity, Gas, and Water

Electricity The voltage of household electrical outlets in Japan is at 100. S...(Read more)

Post Office

Post offices (which display and/or JP mark) are conveniently located in each ...(Read more)

Telephone and Internet

Cell Phones New contracts for cell phones are handled at cell phone shops. Si...(Read more)

Public Transportation

Cities in Japan invariably have public bus services, and many of the larger c...(Read more)

Public Manners

It is said that Japanese people are conscientious about public manners. Famili...(Read more)