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Grece Fabiola


Job offer from major information and communication
Name: Grece Fabiola
Country: Indonesia
Affiliation: Department of Engineering Science

Q1: How and when did you start looking for a job?

I started job hunting activities from August 2020 until July 2021. 
In august 2020, I did “self-analysis”. I used this opportunity to know more about myself. The “self-analysis” is the most important thing to do to start job hunting activities. After doing self-analysis, I started to join a lot of job festival fair that you could no more about companies in Japan. This is the important step to see what field of job you are interested in. By listening to the explanation of certain companies, they will offer you internship to learn more about the company.
My job hunting period was much longer compared to other Japanese and international students.

Q2: Looking back on your job-hunting experience, please tell us one thing you would have done differently.

I would like to visit OB/OG more to get advice or to get information that I could not get from internet or job fair.

Q3: Looking back on your job hunting, please tell us if you had any difficulties.

The hardest part I felt from job hunting is to speak in short, dense and clear in a limited time during interview. During the job hunting activities, I kept learning to speak clearly in a cohesive statements.

Q4: Lastly, what advice do you have for other international students?

In my opinion, job hunting was an enjoyment. Because it gave me the opportunity to listen to different opinions and look back at myself, which made me grow. I don't care if you are a small- and medium-sized enterprises or a company that you are not interested in, so I recommend you to enter for the time being.

Created: January 24, 2022 / Last modified: January 24, 2022