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FADIA, Dewanda

fadia_kimono.jpgFADIA, Dewanda
Enrolled in Short-term exchange program (JUSST) for 2009-Fall & 2010-Spring semesters.
From Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

My First Impression of UEC

When I arrived at UEC, I could see that UEC has very strategic location. It's very close to the station, and SEIYU supermarket, city hall, etc. The campus is not very big but I think will enjoy a lot.

My dorm is located on the campus, so I don't need transportation fee to do to campus. When I saw my room at the International House, I was happy because even though the room is small, it's very comfortable. Every facilities are provided such as bathroom, kitchen unit, laundry facility, etc. The dorm supervisor is also very nice.

 My Senpai (senior) taught me about daily duty and rules in the international house. Little by little, I learned how to live the Japanese way. Everyone in the dorm is like new family to me.

The university life is not very different from my home university. Every day, I have classes from 9 AM until 4 PM. Here, the classes are given in English and there are only a few students in each class. Beside classes, I also have laboratory experiments to support my research. I am the only foreign student in my lab. But, it's okay because everyone is friendly.

I'm so lucky to be able to join this JUSST program in UEC. I wish I can enjoy one year in UEC and get precious experience =)

Created: June 22, 2010 / Last modified: November 19, 2012