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WANG Mengmeng

wangmengmeng.jpgWANG Mengmeng
Enrolling in Dept of Informatics, Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering since April 2010, From CHINA

Hoping to Develop New Interfaces that Can Meet the Aging Society Needs

I'm from Qingdao (Tsingtao), ShanDong Province in China, a coastal city with rich history and beautiful nature. I left home to learn about the advanced computer technologies in Japan. The first two years here I went to a Japanese language school, and at the recommendation of my Japanese teachers, I applied for and passed the entrance exam for UEC, where I enroll now. Being a freshman, I have classes with math and physics at core. What interests me most is the lab work in chemistry. I’m thrilled and tense, every time, just using a flask or any lab ware that I had never touched before. Though busy with tons of assignments, I find myself surely growing each and every day towards my goal.

My future goal is to create new interfaces, like keyboards, that are easy for even the elderly and the disabled to use because the aging society is becoming a serious issue in China as well. I hope to develop such a sensible technology for many people to enjoy regardless of age.


我的家乡是历史悠久,自然景色优美的中国山东青岛。因为想学习先进的信息科学 技术,所以决定来到日本留学。来到日本之后的2年时间里在日语学校学习了日语,在学校老师的推荐下报考了这所大学。大学一年级的时候,课程虽然主要围绕着 数学和物理,但是让我最感兴趣的是化学实验。从第一次触及到烧瓶等实验器具开始每一次的实验课都让我很兴奋也很紧张。虽然在大学里需要完成的作业很多每天 都十分忙碌,但是我能够真切的感受到自己的成长。


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