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MARINOV, Momchil

monchil.jpgMARINOV, Momchil
Enrolled in Short-term exchange program (JUSST) for 2009-Fall & 2010-Spring semesters. From Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgaria

In my opinion UEC (University of Electro-Communications) is a university which is always on the hunt for innovations and improvements in lots of spheres. That can be easily proved by the large amount of laboratories, the way of study and teaching. The existing international collaborations also can justify that.

When I came here for first time I saw many interesting things. Each university facility is located close to the main buildings and it is easy for the students to reach the places where they want to go. If the university buildings were spread around it would be difficult and taking a lot of time to go there.

Every student has the possibility to participate in different clubs and to develop himself out of the university classes. In that way many international students can meet many Japanese students.

In aim everything to be easy and practical there is a student department that cares about student’s questions and any student can always ask about the thing that he is hesitating.

Something that attracted my attention is that the university is opened to the society. There is a week in the academic year that everyone can visit the university laboratories and understand their sphere of working. I’m really glad and pleased to be here. I’m looking forward to make many friends as well.

Created: May 31, 2010 / Last modified: November 19, 2012