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WOROSUNTI GALUH, Beningkinasih

galuh.jpgWOROSUNTI GALUH, Beningkinasih
Enrolled in Short-term exchange program (JUSST) for 2009-Fall & 2010-Spring semesters. From Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

The people are so nice! Professors, lectures, staffs, seniors, and friends are very nice to me ;)

When I came to UEC for the first time, the seniors of JUSST Programs had already waited for my friends and me, and had ready to help us. They welcomed us with the smile and the warm heart that we need in the rain :p That really gave me a positive impression at first sight *good job, guys! ^^

Then we went to the International Office to sign something and receive our key of dormitory. The staffs in International Office help us a lot with our administration stuffs and they are willing to answer all our questions about many things (especially when we were in the first month of stayed). I really thanked for that.

When we arrived in the dormitory, I met Fukihara-san. She is the manager of dormitory. I often saw she was very busy with her work. But still, she had time to chat with us, the residents of the dormitory. She is really nice and fashionable. She will listen to our problem that related with the facility of the dorm, and eagerly help us to fix it. But I bet she will happily help us for our other problems. What a lovely Fukihara-san :)

And the other thing that I really appreciate is that my professors, labmates, friends in JUSST Programs, and other friends respect my believe and culture. They respect my ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, especially the things that I do and not do as a moslem. Thank you, all.. ;)

Created: June 17, 2010 / Last modified: November 19, 2012