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Hello everyone!

     My name is Vamoua YACHONGKA and I am from Laos, a tiny landlocked country in southeast Asia. I came to Japan in April 2009 as a Japanese government-sponsored student and now it is my 9th year living and studying in Japan. In my first year, I was attending an intensive Japanese course at Tokyo Japanese language center and then I went to study at National Institute of Technology, Toyota College for three years. After graduating from Toyota College, I was highly eager to continue studying at the university level and finally I chose The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo (UEC Tokyo). Now I am a second year Ph.D. student in computer and network engineering at UEC Tokyo and working under Associate Professor Hideki Yagi. My research interests include information-theoretic security, coding theory and so on. If you would like to know more details about my research, please visit my personal website.

     Of course, there are various options but why UEC Tokyo? The reason is simple. I have a strong ambition to improve the internet speed in my home country to be as fast as Japan. During my final year in college, I consulted my professors and I found out that UEC Tokyo would be the best choice for me to achieve this dream since UEC Tokyo specializes in telecommunications. Therefore, I soon took the UEC Tokyo transfer examination, luckily passed it, then came to further my studies here without hesitation.

     This is my 6th year in a row attending UCE Tokyo. Here, I can learn new things--both theoretical and applied knowledge--under highly admired researchers. I also have access to state-of-the-art devices to help conduct my research. The university’s library is quite spacious and also equipped with modern tools for students to learn. In addition, UEC Tokyo is nominated as one of the institutions to receive support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as part of The Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities. Not many universities in Japan can receive this fund.

     Besides studying and doing research, I feel UEC Tokyo is a place where students can be studious and partake in extracurricular activities together. For example, there is a club called ICES which stands for International Cultural Exchange Society. A lot of international students from around the world are joining the club. We have several events to enjoy like climbing mount Fuji, going to see fireworks, and many more. These are great opportunities to learn about new cultures and make new friends from different countries. For experiences outside of school, there are other interesting programs like visiting a Japanese secondary school or doing a homestay that are available for international students.

     Last but not least, one more thing I like a lot about UEC Tokyo is the staffs who are working here are truly generous and supportive. They treat international students like a family member of their own. When you have difficulty finding accommodation or scholarship opportunities, they always provide precise and helpful advice. This makes my student life here easier and I can focus on conducting my research.

     I am confident to say that choosing to come to UEC Tokyo was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Here, I feel that students are not only learning cutting-edge technologies, but also broadening their world views. So if you are interested in studying in Japan, choose to come UEC Tokyo. We can’t wait to have you to explore new and exciting world together.


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ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າຊື່ ວ່າມົວ ຢາຈົງກາ ປະຈຸບັນກຳລັງສຶກສາລະດັບປະລິນຍາເອກ ຊັ້ນປີທີ່ 2 ຢູ່ The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo (UEC Tokyo). ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າໄດ້ມາສຶກສາຢູ່ປະເທດຍີ່ປຸ່ນ ແຕ່ປີ 2009 ພາຍໄຕ້ການສະໜັບສະໜູນຂອງລັດຖະບານຍີ່ປຸ່ນ. ມາຮອດປະຈຸບັນ, ເປັນປີທີ່ 9 ຂອງການປະຈົນໄພຢູ່ໃນຜືນເເຜ່ນດິນປາດິບເເຫ່ງນີ້ເເລ້ວ. ໃນໄລຍະປີທຳອິດ ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າໄດ້ເຂົ້າຮຽນພາສາຍີ່ປຸ່ນຢູ່ ໂຮງຮຽນພາສາຍີ່ປຸ່ນໂຕກຽວ (Tokyo Japanese Language Center), ຫຼັງຈາກນັ້ນ ໄດ້ໄປເຊື່ອມຕໍ່ຢູ່ ວິທະຍາໄລ ໂຕໂຢຕະ (National Institute of Technology, Toyota College) ເເຂວງ ອາຍຈິ. ພາຍຫຼັງຮຽນຈົບທີ່ ວິທະຍາໄລ ໂຕໂຢຕະ ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າໄດ້ເສັງເຂົ້າຮຽນຕໍ່ທີ່ ມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລເເຫ່ງນີ້ ເເລະ ໄດ້ສັງກັດຢູ່ຫ້ອງຄົ້ນຄ້ວາຂອງອາຈານ ຮິເດະກິ ຢະກິ (Assoc. Prof. Hideki Yagi). ກ່ຽວກັບການຄົ້ນຄ້ວາຂອງຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ, ຖ້າຫາກທ່ານໃດມີຄວາມສົນໃຈເເມ່ນສາມາດເຂົ້າໄປອ່ານໄດ້ໃນເວັບໄຊສ່ວນຕົວຂອງຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ.

ຜ່ານມາເປັນໄລຍະເວລາ 5 ປີກ່ວາເເລ້ວ ທີ່ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າເຂົ້າມາສຶກສາຕໍ່ຢູ່ມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລເເຫ່ງນີ້. ສໍາລັບຄວາມຮູ້ສຶກສ່ວນຕົວຂອງຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ, UEC Tokyo ເປັນມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລທີ່ບໍ່ໃຫ່ຍປານໃດ ເເຕ່ວ່າຄວາມສູ້ຊົນ ແລະ ນໍ້າໃຈໂອບເອື້ອອາລີຂອງພະນັກງານທີ່ເຮັດວຽກຢູ່ສະຖາບັນເເຫ່ງນີ້ເເມ່ນຍີ່ງໃຫ່ຍຫຼາຍ ໂດຍສະເພາະ ພະນັກງານຢູ່ພະເເນກຄຸ້ມຄອງນັກສຶກສາຕ່າງປະເທດ ເເລະ ບັນດາອາຈານ ປະພຶດຕົນຕໍ່ກັບນັກສຶກສາຕ່າງປະເທດດ້ວຍຄວາມອົບອຸ່ນເໝືອນກັບເປັນສະມາຊິກຄົນໜຶ່ງໃນຄອບຄົວ. UEC Tokyo ເເມ່ນສະຖາບັນການສຶກສາເເຫ່ງໜຶ່ງທີ່ເຕັມໄປດ້ວຍເຄື່ອງມືທັນສະໄໝ, ມີຫ້ອງສະມຸດທີ່ກວ້າງໃຫ່ຍສາມາດຕອບສະໜອງວັດສະດຸ ແລະ ຂໍ້ມູນໃຫ້ນັກສຶກສາເເຕ່ລະຄົນເຮັດການຄົ້ນຄ້ວາລະດັບສາກົນໄດ້. ນອກຈາກການສຶກສາເເລ້ວ, ທາງມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລ ຍັງມີກິດຈະກໍານອກຫຼັກສູດຫຼາກຫຼາຍທີ່ໜ້າສົນໃຈໃຫ້ນັກສຶກສາໄດ້ສຳພັດເຖີງວັດທະນະທຳຂອງຍີ່ປຸ່ນ ເເລະ ປະເທດອື່ນໆອີກດ້ວຍ. ຕົວຢ່າງ: ໃນມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລ UEC Tokyo ມີຊຸມຊົນໜື່ງຊື່ວ່າ ”ICES” ເຊິ່ງຫຍໍ້ມາຈາກ International Cultural Exchange Society ໃນນັ້ນຈະມີນັກສຶກສາຈາກຫຼາຍໆປະເທດ ລວມທັງຄົນຍີ່ປຸ່ນມາເຕົ້າໂຮມເຮັດກິດຈະກຳຮ່ວມກັນເພື່ອເເລກປ່ຽນ ແລະ ເຜີຍເເພ່ວັດທະນະທຳຂອງປະເທດຕົນເອງໃຫ້ຊາດອື່ນໄດ້ຮັບຮູ້. ສຳລັບຕົວຂ້າພະເຈົ້າເອງ ກໍໄດ້ຮຽນຮູ້ ເເລະ ຊືມສັບຫຼາຍຢ່າງຈາກການເຂົ້າເປັນສະມາຊິກຄົນໜື່ງຂອງຊຸມຊົນດັ່ງກ່າວ. ບໍ່ພຽງເເຕ່ເທົ່ານັ້ນ, ສໍາລັບນັກສຶກສາຕ່າງປະເທດທີ່ຢາກໄປຫາປະສົບການຢູ່ນອກໂຮງຮຽນ ທາງມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລ ຍັງໄດ້ກະກຽມຫຼາຍໆໂປຼເເກຼມໃຫ້ອີກດ້ວຍ ເຊັ່ນ: ໂຮມສະເຕຢູ່ບ້ານຄົນຍີ່ປຸ່ນ, ໄປຢ້ຽມຢາມໂຮງຮຽນປະຖົມຍີ່ປຸ່ນ ເເລະ ອື່ນໆອີກ.

ດັ່ງນັ້ນ, ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າເຊື່ອວ່າ ມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລ UEC Tokyo ບໍ່ແມ່ນພຽງແຕ່ເປັນບ່ອນທີ່ຈະຊ່ວຍສະໜອງຄວາມຮູ້ທາງດ້ານວິຊາສະເພາະເທົ່ານັ້ນ, ທັງຍັງເປັນບ່ອນທີ່ຊ່ວຍພັດທະນາເເນວຄວາມຄິດ ແລະ ຊ່ວຍເປີດກ້ວາງມຸມມອງໃນການເບິ່ງໂລກໃຫ້ກັບນັກສຶກສາທຸກຄົນ. ຖ້າຫາກທ່ານໃດມີຄວາມສົນໃຈກ່ຽວກັບການມາສຶກສາຕໍ່ຢູ່ປະເທດຍີ່ປຸ່ນ, ຢາກເຊີນຊວນມາປະຈົນໄພ ເເລະ ຄົ້ນຫາສິ່ງໃໝ່ໆຢູ່ມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລເເຫ່ງນີ້ນຳກັນ. ພວກເຮົາທຸກຄົນຍິນດີີຕ້ອນຮັບນັກສຶກສາທຸກຄົນເຂົ້າມາເປັນສະມາຊິກຢູ່ສະເໝີ.


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