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Wei Dong

IMG_3021.jpgWei Dong
Enrolling since 2002, from CHINA

I am Wei Dong from Xian, China. I entered UEC's Information and Communication Engineering in April, 2002. I chose UEC with the mind that I had to enrich people's lives in farmlands in China through the Information and Communication Technologies.

There are vast extent farmlands in China, but peasants who cultivate there live in poverty. Many of them had to go away to work for a living. The communication system in the country was also poor.
I thought up developing mutual communication system by the use of TV antenna. I was sure the mutual communication enriched the peasants' lives in many ways.

At UEC, I met many professors and researchers who conducted unique studies. They provided me a lot of knowledge with enthusiasm. I studied 3D coordinate measuring as the graduation work and the doctoral work at Mr. Mitsuo Takeda's laboratory. In the late half semester of doctoral course, I went to the University of Tokyo. I then became a project researcher of mechanical engineering there to continue and expand the studies. Since April, 2013, I have worked at the Nagaoka University of Technology as an assistant professor.

My goal is that establishing accurate 3D coordinate measuring and put the developed technology to practical use in the medical, industrial and many other fields. And also I am going to do teaching work enthusiastically as well as the research work. I am deeply grateful to UEC for giving me room to grow.

Native Language

我叫韦冬(WEI, Dong),从中国西安到日本留学。2002年4月被电气通信大学信息与通信学部录取。




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