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yatjaroen.jpgMs. Jaruwan YATJAROEN
Enrolled in Short-term exchange program (JUSST) for 2010-Spring & 2010-Fall Semesters. From the King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand

The First Impression in Japan

This is the first time that I go abroad. Before I came here I heard so many thing about Japan, such as Japan has many natural places, there are many activities in the holiday, Japanese people usually come on time, and so on. And the truth is, Japan seems to be like something that I heard about but I think it is much more beautiful than I thought. Further Japan has many interesting equipment for using in daily life. That's nice!!!

Communication with Japanese people is quite difficult because most of Japanese people don't speak English. I have to learn more Japanese to communicate with them, which is very hard work but also challenging. I am happy everytime that I could talk to Japanese people. And I want to learn more of Japanese as much as I can.

The First Impression at UEC

About coming to Japan, I'm studying at University of Electro-Communication that is located in Tokyo, Japan. The fist time that I arrived here, there were a lot of Sakura appeared in the main gate of university. That was the first impression that made me smile and wanna live in Japan.

I think UEC is similar to my home university (King's Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang). It concentrates in Communication and Technology. UEC is located in the outskirt of Tokyo like KMITL which is located in the outskirt of Bangkok also. Further there are more boys than girls in UEC just like KMITL :D.

Thus I'm very glad to come here. This is the greatest opportunity for me. I think UEC would give me new experiences and make me a stronger person to live in the real life.


This is the first time that I do the research. My research is about optical network. It focuses on design the appropriate algorithm for optical package switch which operate with parametric wavelength converters. Parametric wavelength converter is a multi-channel wavelength converter.

By using with optical package switch, it can improve the quality of transmission by use parametric wavelength converters to change the wavelength of signal which cannot transmit into another wavelength that available to transmit. In my research I will research in algorithm part in order to setting parametric wavelength converter can change the signal as much as possible.

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