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Global Action Plan

Globalization to Realize UEC Vision 2018

"UEC Vision 2018" is an initiative designed to establish an International Center of Excellence for education and research in Comprehensive Communication Sciences. Since its mission is to cultivate engineers and researchers to support the increasingly globalized community of the 21st century, The University of Electro-Communications sees globalization as one of the most important challenges it faces. In view of this, UEC strives to promote international activities based on the following policies and plans.

UEC vision 2018
  1. Aiming to become an International Center of Excellence ( COE ) for education and research in Comprehensive Communication Sciences
  2. Cultivating internationally minded, ethical individuals who are richly equipped with practical skills by building on a foundation of solid international-level academic ability
  3. Providing an environment that brings together students and young researchers from all over the world who pursue research without constraints in order to generate unique, fresh ideas
  4. Enhancing the quality of education and research through various kinds of partnerships and cooperation with Japanese and international universities and companies, as well as local communities and citizens, to make a real contribution to the world
  5. Increasing the openness and transparency of management, building greater trust among students and faculties and raising their spirits, and striving to earn the respect and trust of the public

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Created: April 8, 2010 / Last modified: November 19, 2012