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Datthuri Sanjay Kumar

Department & title:
Graduate Student, Dept. of Applied Physics and Chemistry
Midland Ultracold Atomic Research Center
From 20 AUG. 2010 to 30 AUG. 2010

Research theme:Advanced Techniques in Atomic Physics

Summary of research activities during your overseas visit

During my overseas visit I have attended a summer school on Advanced Techniques in Atomic Physics and also visited Midland Ultracold Atomic Research Center,University of Birmingham.

The Summer School gave me a great opportunity to learn advanced techniques in both experimental and theoretical atomic physics.I have also presented a poster on my current research work under the title “Towards All-Optical Bose-Einstein Condensation Using a 1µm Laser”.

The summer school covered the following important topics in Atomic Physics:

  1. Atom chip Technology:
     In cold atom experiments,atom chips play important role in the production of Bose_Einstein Condensation(BEC).  Atoms are first cooled down in Magneto-Optical Traps(to about 100uK) and then for further cooling they are trapped in the magnetic field produced by the micro traps(atom chips).Forced evaporation cooling in the micro-traps leads to a BEC.
  2. Optical Lattices and Quantum Simulators:
    Cold atoms are stored and studied in lattice structures formed by light called optical lattices.Optical lattices are an important source to study condensed matter systems.
  3. Cold atom theory:
     A detailed theory of cold atoms was studied.Cold atom theory ranging from Gross-Pitaevskii equation to Bogoliobov transformations was studied.
  4. Projected Gross-Pitaevskii methods:These are important numerical methods to study cold atoms in a particular regime where the interaction between the atoms is neglected.

Visited  Midland Ultracold Atomic research centre where experiments related to quantum imaging and quantum memory are performed.Learnt about the techniques of the experiments. Such experiments use four-wave mixing in Rubidium atomic vapor and produce entangled beams.These light beams which have sensitive correlations in their phases and amplitudes can be used for imaging,quantum cryptography etc.

Research outcome obtained

Learnt about the basic physics of the microtraps(atom chip technology) and an atom chip  design and fabrication Techniques and the method of imaging them close to the surface. Learnt about a number of interesting experiments on atom chip such as density correlations of quasi-condensates.

Learnt about the techniques of performing optical lattice experiments which can be utilized in my research.And Techniques of Hubbard simulations in optical lattices are studied.

Reflection and suggestion on the program, particularly from the viewpoint of internationalization of researchers and students.

The program is very helpful to young researchers and students to acquire knowledge and experience in their research.

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