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[Report] YUKATA Class

11th July, 2019 UEC international students Yukata-Class.
A wide variety of colors and designs of Yukata and obi were prepared by the MIFO.
Every student chose their favorite Yukata and Obi and wore it with the assistance of the instructors. For the female students, the instructors also arranged their hairstyles perfect for the Yukata fashion.
After the photo shooting, the students enjoyed the Ohigashi (Japanese confectionery) and Maccha tea, and also wrote their wishes on the Tanzaku (small pieces of colorful paper) and hang them on a bamboo stalk.
For many students, it was their first time having Maccha tea and Japanese sweets.
Therefore the instructors explained to them how to hold the tea bowl, and have the Maccha tea.
In spite of the light rain, everyone enjoyed the event so much waring the colorful Yukata and decorating the Tanzaku.

Created: July 31, 2019 / Last modified:October 7, 2019