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UEC International House

国際交流会館International House was established in June 1991 on the north side of East Campus for the use of international students and foreign researchers at UEC. Made of reinforced concrete, this five-story building (partially three-story) includes 50 single rooms, six rooms for married couples, and three apartments for families. Each room/apartment is equipped with a kitchen, toilet, and shower or bath.

From 2017 UEC International House is available for only Short-term Non regular student (except Research Student) and foreign researchers within one year. Supervisor or advisor of foreign student has to ask an application procedure and availability in advance.

Resident has to join in a designated insurance, GAKKENSAI and Inbound Insurance (or equivalent or more compensated insurance with Fire-legal Liability / Tenant's Lease Liability).

Application Procedure of GAKKENSAI and Inbound Insurance (For supervisors or staffs in UEC, only in Japanese)

Note: Regular students and Research students can’t stay in UEC International House. Please consider UECPORT or private apartments.from October, 2019

Room Category Student Rent* Common Facilities Fee*
(See Note1)
Cleaning and Repair Fee
(Including Tax)
(See Note2)
Single(A) ¥4,700/M ¥19,070/M ¥13,200Yen~
Married Couple(C) ¥11,900/M ¥19,420/M ¥30,800Yen~
Family(D) ¥14,200/M ¥24,870/M ¥38,500Yen~

*When live over 90 days, the rent fee paid by daily installments is NOT acceptable.

*NOTE 1: Common Facilities Fee is used as costs for commissioned work of a management company and maintenance costs for common space of the house.
*NOTE 2: Cleaning and Repair Fee is used to clean and repair a rented room when a boarder leaves dormitory. The fee as above is the estimated minimum amount. The fee may be much higher than the estimated depend on the room condition and/or the busy season of the management company.

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Created: January 28, 2011 / Last modified:September 17, 2019