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If you ever encounter situations in which you do not know what to do during your time at UEC, please refer to this table.

Example Service Counter
  • Problems to do with everyday living
  • Consultation on interpersonal relationships
  • If you are a victim of harassment
  • Consultation concerning employment; if you want to see employment information/advertisements
  • Questions about classes (class curriculum, etc.) or classrooms
  • If you cannot take a test or examination due to an unforeseen circumstance, or if public transportation is out of service
  • Graduate Academic Administration Section
  • If you want to use the library
  • If you want to purchase a student commuter pass
  • If you want to travel with student discounts (100 km or more one way on JR)
  • If you have lost something or have become involved in an accident on campus
  • If you want to commute to/from school by bicycle, car, or motorcycle
  • Student Services Section
  • If you need advice about international student dormitories
  • If you have questions about tuition payment
  • If you want to apply for tuition exemption, deferred payment, or installment payment
  • If you would like to inquire about an international student scholarship
  • If you are not feeling well, If you are injured
  • If you become injured on campus, during extracurricular activities, or during your commute to/from school (student education/research accident insurance [gakken-sai])
  • If you injure someone or damage someone’s property on campus, during extracurricular activities, or during your commute to/from school (supplementary liability insurance [supplementary program of gakken-sai])
  • If you would like to know about authorized university clubs
  • If you would like to rent university equipment
  • If you would like to use sports facilities or facilities related to extracurricular activities
  • If you would like to use off-campus lodging facilities (student welfare facilities, etc.)
  • Consultation concerning (club) training camps, events, and venues for activities
  • If you would like to hang a poster, put up a sign, or conduct promotional activities
  • Consultation concerning study abroad or International House
  • If you would like to know if classes are cancelled or to see other university announcements
  • If you would like information on apartments and part-time work

Created: March 29, 2010 / Last modified: November 19, 2012