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Commuter Passes, Coupon Tickets, and JR Student Discounts

Commuter Passes (full-time students only)

Undergraduate and graduate students can purchase student commuter passes for use on trains and buses to commute to/from school. Student commuter passes can be bought at the station/ terminal where you usually board or any ticket vending location between your boarding station/ terminal and the university; you will need to show your student ID card to buy a discounted pass. (Please be sure to write the necessary information on the back of your student ID card.) If there is a change in your address or the route you use to get to the university, please notify the Student Services Section, Student Services Office.

Non-full-time students are not eligible to purchase student commuter passes. They should purchase a general commuter pass or frequent users’ coupon tickets. Please note that it is punishable by law to purchase commuter passes illegally or to let anyone other than the pass holder use the pass.

Commuter Passes - KEIO Corporation

Coupon Tickets

Railway lines such as Keio or JR offer frequent user’s coupon tickets, which, in most cases, give you eleven tickets for the price of ten. In addition, city bus companies offer discount services for IC card users. Please check with their ticket vending locations or websites.

Multiple-trip Tickets - Keio Corporation

JR Student Discounts (full-time students only)

If undergraduate or graduate students travel 101 km or more, they are eligible to take advantage of student discount boarding passes (so-called gakuwari [student discount] in Japanese), which allow for discounts of as much as 20% of the regular fare. Please note that non-full-time students are not eligible for this program. You can obtain a student discount certificate from the automated certificate issuing machine located in front of Academic Administration Office No. 4 Counter (up to 10 certificates per student per year).

JR東日本:きっぷに関するご案内 ( Japanese text only )

Created: March 29, 2010 / Last modified: November 19, 2012