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Precautions to Ensure Safe Everyday Living

While it is said that Japan is a safe country, it can be dangerous to walk alone at night or to let someone you do not know in your home. You should avoid walking alone in areas where there are few other people present and it is best to avoid using a public telephone booth in empty locations a late at night. In addition, please beware of the following points, because if you unknowingly break a law in Japan, you may be arrested or deported:

To Report a Crime, Theft, or Traffic Accident (Dial the police department at 110.)

These calls are handled across Japan on a 24-hour basis. If someone is injured, the police can call an ambulance.

How to Make a 110 Call

Concerning the Use of Drugs

In Japan, production, distribution, sale, and possession of all illegal drugs, including marijuana, stimulants, cocaine, heroin, and LSD, are strictly controlled by the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law. These drugs, which some might consider using for reasons of curiosity, self-satisfaction, or to escape from reality, not only damage the user physically and mentally but also have a negative effect on the user’s family and on society in general. In addition, restoring the user’s physical and mental health requires proper medical care, and it takes time before the person can return to being a fully functioning member of society. You must firmly resist the temptation of drugs and be careful about not using drugs casually out of curiosity.

Created: March 29, 2010 / Last modified:November 19, 2012