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Aside from the UEC Health Care Center, medical institutions listed below are located near the university.

Note: Information is subject to change. It is recommended that you call to confirm before visiting any of the above-listed institutions.

Medical Department(s) Abbreviations: IM: Internal Medicine; Surg: Surgery; OB: Obstetrics; Gyn: Gynecology; OS: Orthopedic Surgery; Derm: Dermatology; Resp: Respiratory Organs; NS: Neurosurgery; Ped: Pediatrics; GE: Gastroenterology; Oph: Ophthalmology; ENT: Ear Nose Throat; Dig: Digestive Organs; Urol: Urology; PT: Physical Therapy; Dent: Dentistry; Card: Cardiovascular Medicine; Psy: Psychiatry

Medical Institution Medical Department(s) Telephone No.
Ikeda Internal Medicine Hospital IM / Ped / GE 042-482-2689
Hayashi Clinic Derm 042-487-3778
Mizuno Eye Clinic Oph 042-486-1177
Okamoto Internal Medicine Clinic IM / Ped / GE 042-481-1167
Chiba Ear Nose and Throat Clinic ENT 042-487-6645
Sugama Surgical Clinic Surg / OS / IM 042-482-8830
Chofu Touzan Hospital IM / Surg / OS / Derm / Ped / Urol 042-481-5511
Tokai Orthopedic Surgery Clinic OB / PT / Rheumatism 042-486-1773
Sowa Orthopedic Surgery Clinic OS 042-443-8550
Morita Dermatology Clinic Derm 042-486-1532
Funada Dental Clinic Dent 042-482-2002
Irisawa Dental Clinic Dent 042-482-3955
Sagara Dental Clinic Dent 042-483-0240
Holiday and Night Emergency Clinic   042-484-1455
Holiday Clinic (other hospitals on duty)   03-5272-0303

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Medical Institution Medical Department(s) Telephone No.
Tamagawa Hospital IM / Surg / OB / Gyn / OS 042-483-4114
Chofu Hospital IM / Surg / OB / Gyn / OS / Derm / Resp / NS / Ped 042-484-2626
Kita-tama Hospital IM / Surg / OS / NS / Ped 042-486-8111
Ino Hospital IM / Surg / OB / Ped / Gyn 042-483-8811

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Medical Institution Medical Department(s) Telephone No.
Tokyo Metropolitan Fuchu Hospital IM / Surg / OB / Gyn / OS / NS / Ped / Resp / Psy / Card 042-323-5111
Kyorin University Hospital IM / Surg / OB / NS / Ped / Gyn / Psy 0422-47-5511
Jikei University Daisan Hospital IM / Surg / OB / Gyn / NS / Ped / Psy 03-3480-1151

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Medical Institution Medical Department(s) Telephone No.
Yukawa Clinic IM (routine practice) 042-344-1118
Hitotsubashi Hospital (Late-night emergency examination) 042-343-1311
Showa General Hospital (Late-night emergency examination) 0424-61-0052
Tama Saisei Hospital (Late-night emergency examination) 042-341-1611

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Medical Information Telephone and Online Services

The following services may be able to help you find appropriate medical care.

Note: Information is subject to change.

Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center (Himawari) (medical information)

Tel: 03-5285-8181
Website: http: / / / qq / qq13enmnlt.asp
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish

AMDA International Medical Information Center

Tel: 03-5285-8088
Website: http: / / /
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, Tagalog

Tokyo Fire Department Telephone Service

Tel: 042-521-2323
Website: http: / / /
Language: English

If you need an ambulance

If a person who is injured or ill is able to move on his / her own or able to ask someone to move him / her, a taxi should be used to get to the hospital. Call an ambulance only when absolutely necessary.

If you need an ambulance:

  1. State that you need an ambulance.
  2. Give the location and landmarks clearly. Although you can make the call in English, please use Japanese to the extent that you are able. Here is an example: “Kyukyusha o onegaishimasu (Please send an ambulance). Basho wa … desu (The location is …).

In the case of a fire, dial 119 and call the fire brigade (see Fire PreventionFire Prevention).

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