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Procedures When Moving In/Out

Moving out

When you are moving out of your accommodation, please tell your landlord (the person in charge of managing the housing) or the real estate agent one month before your scheduled moving date and complete the designated procedures.
Be sure to clean your apartment and dispose of all garbage (especially bulky items) before moving out.
The security deposit you paid when you moved in will normally be returned to you after deducting expenses for cleaning, repairs, and renewal of the interior and fixtures.

At new apartment/house

Please make sure to check all damages, for example on the walls or floors, when moving in new apartment/house and keep records for these damages, like by taking pictures, to avoid some troubles later, especially when the contract is terminated. If the damages are found, please inform about this to the landlord or management company at the start of tenancy.

Necessary Procedures

Notification to the local municipal office

When changing home address in Japan, the following procedures at the local municipal office are required.


  1. Necessary documents for Notification of moving in / moving out: Residence card, passport and inkan (name seal).
  2. After new address is written on the back of residence card by the municipal office, show your revised residence card to International Student Section.
  3. *The notification to the municipality is obligation as provided by the Law. If you do not complete the procedure, you might be charged administrative penalty.

National Health Insurance

Before moving to different city, a national health insurance card should be returned to the municipal office of present address. At the municipal office of new address, please carry out the re-joining procedures for the national health insurance. If moving within the same city, notification of new address to the national health insurance section of the municipal office is required.


  1. The national health insurance card should be returned to the municipal office if a person joins the mutual social insurance. If not, he/she will receive the bills from both, the mutual social health and national health insurance.
  2. Show the new national health insurance card to International Student Section.

Cancellation and Service-termination Charges for Telephone, Internet or Utilities, etc. for present address /Beginning of use these services for new address

  1. Communication Service
    Contact the companies that provide your fixed telephone and Internet service of present address; complete the procedures for cancellation and service-termination charges.
  2. Utility Service
    As for utilities; such as electricity, gas, and water contact each company before a few days before your move out to clear off charges. Also, please make sure to inform electricity, gas and water companies for beginning of use for these services at new address.
Tokyo Electric Power Company Tama Customer Center Tel:
0120-995-661 (English-speaking staff available)
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Customer Center Tel:
0570-002211 (English-speaking staff available)
Bureau of Waterworks Tama Customer Center Tel:
0570-091100 (English-speaking staff available)

Notification of change of address to bank, mobile phone company or credit card company etc.

Notification of change of address to bank, mobile phone company or credit card company is also strongly recommended to do because the important information, including the detailed statements or bills, cannot be delivered, and it may inflict a loss for international researchers themselves. Thus, please make sure to make the notification of change of address to them.

Notification of change of address to Japan post (JP post)

Japan Post’s designated postcard for notification of change address is available at post office. Also notification of change of address can be done through the following URL:
e転居(e Tenkyo): (Japanese Only)

Notification of change of address is for forwarding mails to new address for 1 year. It strongly recommends notifying new address to Japan Post to avoid lost or undelivered mails. It takes at least 1 week to start forwarding mails, so please submit the notification of change of address as soon as possible once the date of moving in new apartment/house is fixed.

Procedure at UEC

Complete change-of-address procedures with the Campus Square (UEC’s information administration system).

Created: March 29, 2010 / Last modified:April 23, 2015