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Risk Management Policies for UEC International Students

International Student Section of Student Services Office offers assistance for international students in matters ranging from admission procedures to the various other procedures that need to be completed. To receive this assistance, international students must provide up-to-date personal details.

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of cases in which international students face such problems as injuries, illnesses, fires, leaky apartments, or loss of personal belongings. Many international students do not live with their families or relatives in Japan; even if they did, most of their family members or relatives likely do not speak Japanese well enough to deal with
these matters effectively. As a supportive response to these situations, faculty and staff members at UEC are able to offer assistance if the student involved has made the following preparations:

  1. The student must provide up-to-date personal information to UEC in order to receive assistance.
  2. The student must submit a signed agreement indicating that university authorities are permitted information when necessary.
  3. The student must provide certification that he or she will be able to make at least the minimal necessary payment for medical treatment or other services based on enrollment in a comprehensive individual insurance program designated by the university or other such insurance program.

CIPE and International Student Section require the submission of the following documents from international students with the goal of instructing, helping, and offering risk management for these students.

Various Procedures for UEC International Students while Attending University
Display of Documents,
Enrollment Procedures
Where to Submit For Consultation/Inquiries Remarks
Passport International Student Section International Student Section  
Foreign resident registration card (officially called Certification of Alien Registration)  
National Health Insurance card (see Note 1 below) See "National Health InsuranceNational Health Insurance"
Emergency-contact information and medical history  
Comprehensive individual insurance (insurance card) International Student Advisor See "Enrollment in Private InsuranceEnrollment in Private Insurance"
Agreement of University Policies See Note 2 below
Letter of Authorization

Note 1: Other health-insurance plans may also be acceptable.

Note 2: These documents should be filled out at the orientation session for newly entering students. You do not have to fill out these documents, however, if you have a guarantor/guardian who will guarantee your status and financially support you in Japan. If you have any questions, please consult a member of staff at the International Student Advisor or at International Student Section.

Created: March 30, 2010 / Last modified: December 3, 2012