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Center for International Programs and Exchange (Building E-2)

The Center for International Programs and Exchange (CIPE) conducts Japanese-language and culture classes for international students, as well as various international exchange programs such as JUSST and preparatory programs.

CIPE provides advice and assistance to international students in matters such as research activities, study, and everyday life. These consultation services are provided by faculty advisors and tutors and are available to all international students, who are encouraged to make use of the services offered at CIPE to ensure that they have an enjoyable and successful experience at UEC.

CIPE also organizes social events geared toward encouraging interaction between international and local students, implements international exchange programs in tandem with the local community, and conducts UEC international contribution programs in collaboration with international institutions.

CIPE has classrooms, a computer room, a language laboratory, and a multipurpose hall in the Building E-2. The rules for use of CIPE are the same as those that apply to the classrooms in Building E-2 and are listed below:

Created: March 29, 2010 / Last modified:September 13, 2018