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Waste Disposal

Please be sure to sort garbage according to type and dispose of it in the designated garbage receptacle. Waste from the research laboratories should be placed in the bags provided by the university together and disposed of at designated locations. Garbage-sorting procedures for household garbage vary according to the area in which your home is located; please read the relevant information provided by the city or ward authorities where you live. Garbage-handling procedures on campus are detailed in Table 1.6

Table 1.6 How to Sort Garbage at UEC (Types of Garbage Receptacles)
Type of Garbage Receptacle Type of Garbage Examples
Combustible garbage Garbage that can be burned without causing a hazard Disposable chopsticks, used tissue
Noncombustible garbage Garbage that cannot be burned easily or without releasing hazardous gasses, such as items with the plastic mark and metal items Lunchbox cases, plastic shopping bags, straws, PET bottle cap
PET bottles PET bottles Empty PET bottles
Cans Aluminum and steel cans Empty beverage cans
Glass Glass containers and glass bottles Empty beverage bottles
Mixed paper Paper items that can be recycled Printer paper, magazines, newspapers, milk cartons that have been rinsed out
Other Bulky items and hazardous items disposed by each research laboratory. Mercury batteries, experimental equipment

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