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Graduate Students and Research Students

For graduate students and research students, UEC Japanese Language Courses are available. If you would like to take one of these courses, you must register during the designated hours of the registration week (the first week of either April or October). In addition, those who have studied the Japanese language before must take a placement test at the time of registration. Furthermore, the approval of one’s academic supervisor is required to take one of these courses.

Intensive Course

This is an intensive Japanese-language course for Japanese government-sponsored research students who plan to enroll in graduate school. Classes are held every day from Monday through Friday. Currently, beginner’s classes (where students learn Japanese from scratch) are offered.

UEC Japanese-Language Courses

These courses are for graduate students, research students, foreign researchers, and faculty. Classes are held three days per week (six or seven time slots per week). There are five levels of class ranging from beginner’s level to advanced level. In addition, if there are vacancies in the class, spouses of the aforementioned participants may also be permitted to take classes. Registration is permitted on the condition that students participate in classes three days per week.

Students who register and take any of Japanese-language courses can be issued a student registration certificate and transcript. If you need these certificates, please apply at International Student Section. For more information, please ask a faculty of a Japanese-Language Course/ Japanese Culture Course at CIPE.

Japanese-Language Course Japanese-Language Intensive Course

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