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Application for Hitotsubashi University International Dorm

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Application for Hitotsubashi University International Dorm.

3 single rooms
1family rooms (with spouse & children)
2017.10.1 to 2019.9.25  (2 years at longest)
regular course students (Graduate & Under Graduate)
*Re-application 1 year at longest
Single room 10,800yen / month
Family room 19,100yen / month
*utility charges for each room extra
Restoration Fee
Single room 12,000yen
Family room 46,000yen
*utility charges of each room extra
Application form
Forms are available at International Student Office. (East 2 - 109)
  Application form
Submission Deadline
2017.10.21 Friday AM 12:00.
Submitted to the Student Dormitory Section.
Result announcement
2017.07.28 Friday 13:00
Posted on the International Student Office bulletin board.
About single rooms
  • Applicants who are currently in the UEC Port dormitory can't apply.
  • When applying, students reciving MEXT_scholarship or government_scholarship or expensive scholarship stipendiary or the person decided informally can't apply.
  • The tenancy period of those who have decided to receive MEXT_ scholarships, government_ scholarships and expensive scholarships during their tenancy is September 25 or March 25 immediately after payment is decided.



Distance from UEC
about one hour & 10-20minutes
29-1 Gakuen-nishi-machi 1choume, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo
Chofu --(Keio line)--> Bubaigawara --(JR Nanbu line)--> Fuchuhonmachi --(Musashino line)--> Shinkodaira --(Walk)-->Dorm.
bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, bookshelf, refrigerator, telephone
Family room has also cupboard, washing-machine, microwave, TV, rice-cooker, bunk beds for kids, etc.
Kitchen & shower of single room are common use.

Created: July 7, 2017 / Last modified:July 7, 2017