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[Dec. 21] Cycling events (MITAKANOMORI GHIBLI ticket is INCLUDED)

This event was held.

This event will be held under the sponsorship of MITAKA, KOGANEI, and CHOFU city and will invite international students in vicinity, TOKYO GAKUGEI University.

21st of Dec. 10:00-16:20
UEC international student who can communicate in JAPANESE
The participants
a few students each (first come, first served!)
The fee
*On this event, you can borrow a bicycle for FREE (the bicycle is like on the attached flyer).
*This event includes lunch and MITAKANOMORI GHIBLI ticket.
The deadline of this application
15th of Nov. 
How to apply
Send us an email  , the title should be “cycling”,
the text should be below
  1. Your name
  2. Sex
  3. Age
  4. Nationality
  5. Your current address
  6. Your mobile phone number
  7. Do you have allergy of food? / Do you have any food you can’t eat because of religious?


Created: December 8, 2017 / Last modified:December 8, 2017