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IEC Home Current Students News -Announcement to new international students enrolled in April 2022-

-Announcement to new international students enrolled in April 2022-

The support site 'Information on Additional Enrollment Process and Preparation for the new semester' is open on March 6.

(1) 入学手続書類の準備に関する相談について

入学手続の書類作成などで不明な点があれば、メールでお問い合わせください。あるいは 所定の日時にオンライン相談会を開催します。
詳細は入学手続書類に同封されている「2022年度4月入学 電気通信大学外国人留学生*の追加入学手続について」をご覧ください。

(1) Question on the preparation of Enrollment Process

If you have any questions about UEC Enrollment Process (in English), please contact us (ISO or Int'l Student Advisor) by e-mail.
Alternatively, we will hold online meetings as announced in the "Additional Enrollment Process for Int'l Students, 2022 April Enrollment" enclosed in the enrollment kit from UEC Admission Center.

(2) 留学生の追加入学手続の「オンライン留学生カードの提出」について

Google Formsで入力と書類提出を行ってください.

締め切り Deadline 

・私費外国人留学生選抜合格者、博士前期課程一般および社会人入試合格者: 3月15日
・国費留学生,学域編入生博士前期課程推薦入試合格者、博士後期課程入試合格者: 3月20日

(2) Additional Admission Procedures for International Students: Entry in online UEC Int'l Student Card

Please use Google Forms to input and submit documents.


・Those who are not fluent in Japanese language OR who are still out of Japan: March 20, 2022

(3) その他追加手続や入学前の各種ガイダンスについて


(3) Other additional procedures and Information on (must-attend) guidances before semester starts

Check the information and announcement in the support site shown in (1).


国際課留学生交流係  :
国際教育センター留学生相談担当 : adv

For inquiries, contact

International Student Office :
International Student Advisor : adv

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