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Sports Facilities

tamagawa_ground.jpgUEC’s indoor gym sports facilities consist of two gymnasiums. In addition, there are outdoor sports fields at the Tamagawa Athletic Field, a 10-minute walk from Keio-Tamagawa Station on the Keio railway line.

Although these facilities are usually used for regular physical education classes and for practice sessions held by various university clubs, researchers are welcome to use the facilities after obtaining permission (coordinating desk: Extracurricular Activities/Student Welfare Section, Student Services Office).

Training Room in Gymnasium II

Open hours
11:00 - 20:00 (Weekdays only)
TEL: 042-443-5093 (the training room office / Japanese only)
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  1. Training Guidance:
    You have to take a short guidance (approx.30mins), such as how to use the training room and machines, for the first time only. To take the guidance, you had better contact the training room office to make an appointment in advance. When you take the guidance, you need to bring your indoor shoes or slipper. Please note that the short guidance is held in Japanese only.
    (Available Time) 11:00 - 13:00/16:00 - 17:50
  2. Due to responding to an emergency, you must come accompanied by another user if you want to use a training room and machines at night; 18:00 - 20:00
  3. Whenever you use the training room, you have to fill in the user list at a building manager room in Gymnasium I.


Created: March 30, 2010 / Last modified:August 4, 2016