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[Report] KIMONO and SADO(tea ceremony) Class<br /><span>February 10, 2020</span> [Report] Opening Ceremony 2019 Fall<br /><span>October 24, 2019</span> [Report] Closing Ceremony 2019 Spring<br /><span>October 17, 2019</span> [Report] The 1st ECTI-UEC Workshop on AI and Applications (ECTI-UEC-AI2019)<br /><span>October  2, 2019</span> [Report]UEC international student volunteers at 2019 Rugby World Cup<br /><span>September 26, 2019</span> [Report] Mini Conference Spring Batch 2019<br /><span>August 20, 2019</span> [Report] YUKATA Class<br /><span>July 31, 2019</span> [Report] Opening Ceremony 2019 Spring<br /><span>May 13, 2019</span> [Report] Mini Conference Fall Batch 2018<br /><span>April 18, 2019</span> [Report] Closing Ceremony Fall Batch 2018<br /><span>April 18, 2019</span> [Report] Opening Ceremony 2015 Spring<br /><span>May  7, 2015</span>