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Undergraduate and Graduate Courses and Credits

For information on the contents of various courses, refer to the outline of undergraduate or graduate courses that you receive upon entrance to the university. You can also check the contents of courses by making use of the UEC Syllabus Database System when deciding on subjects and classes to take. Registration for classes is basically done with the Campus Square (information administration system). Some classes require submission of a registration sheet to Academic Administration Office, so please be careful when registering for classes. In addition, although you cannot change classes after registration, there is a period during which you are allowed to cancel registration; the time period and procedures are posted on both undergraduate and graduate
bulletin boards.

Following is general information on the contents of selected international undergraduate courses.

Information Processing Classes for International Students .

(graduate students and research students can also participate)

UEC offers classes designed to provide the student with a basic knowledge of computing, such as Computer Literacy and Fundamental Programming so that first-year undergraduate students can understand and grow accustomed to the use of computers as quickly as possible. Furthermore, for second-year international undergraduate students there are such classes as Information Processing Exercise I (two credits, third semester) and Information Processing Exercise II (two credits, fourth semester). These classes are currently taught in a classroom on the ground floor of Communication Park and at other locations. These classes are not restricted to second-year undergraduates, but are also available for third- and fourth-year undergraduates, graduate students, and research students, as long as they receive approval from the class instructor.

Elementary Exercise Classes and Advanced Classes for Undergraduate Students

In the field of science and engineering, students must thoroughly learn mathematics and physics, which are basic to this field. Thus, UEC offers Elementary Exercise in Mathematics I (one credit, first semester), Elementary Exercise in Mathematics II (one credit, second semester), Elementary Exercise in Physics I (one credit, first semester), and Elementary Exercise in Physics II (one credit, second semester) for international students. Credits for these courses are applied as elective-course credits toward the total requirement for your field of study (your major).

In addition, for third- and fourth-year undergraduates, there are the following advanced classes (Japanese students are also eligible in the advanced classes).

Advanced Classes (Seminars by theme):

International Classes

At UEC, a number of so-called international classes are conducted in English. CIPE offers the following international classes designed for undergraduate students.

International Classes (offered by CIPE):

For more information on classes or on international classes offered by each department, please refer to the schedule (Japanese text only) distributed at the beginning of the academic year and the syllabus(Japanese text only).

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