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Status of Residence Changes

If you wish to engage in different activities from those stated in the visa you are currently holding, you must apply for Change of Status of Residence at the Immigration Bureau.
NOTE : If you wish working at supervisor's laboratory
You are forbidden from working while applying changing residential status which allow to work. We advise students to apply for changing status to the immigration bureau as soon as a decision is made.

Required Documents When Applying for Change of Status of Residence
Applicant Status of the Applicant a b + c d e f
A: Student himself / herself Undergraduate student, graduate student Required Required Required Not
A: Student himself / herself Research student Required Required Required Required Required
B: Proxy application by educational institution staff   Required Required Not
  1. Passport and foreign resident registration card
  2. Application for Change of Status of Residence (application form completed by the applicant). The form can be downloaded from The Ministry of Justice website(Japanese text only).
  3. Application for Change of Status of Residence (application form completed by the university) You can request the form at International Student Section.
  4. A copy of the letter of acceptance from the university (document clarifying the applicant’sdepartment, course, etc.)
  5. Certificate documenting research activities
  6. Revenue stamp (for handling fee)

Created: March 30, 2010 / Last modified:March 5, 2024