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Types of Status

Of the status of residence designated by the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, the following are those likely to be relevant to international students and their dependents at UEC. For more information, please refer to the  Immigration Bureau website.

All future full-time UEC students wishing to apply for scholarship programsscholarship programs (granted by sponsors such as MEXT, JASSO, or UEC) are required to have “College Student” as their status of residence (visa status), regardless of type of international student specified in Types of International StudentsTypes of International Students. Therefore, holders of other status of residence must change their status to “College Student”.

Status of
Activities Permitted
Permitted to receive education at colleges or equivalent educational institutions, specialized courses of study at miscellaneous schools (senshu gakko),  educational institutions designated for preparing people who have completed 12 years of education at schools in foreign countries to enter college, or technical colleges (koto senmon gakko).
Engineer Permitted to engage in service that provides income and requires technological skill and/or knowledge pertinent to physical science, engineering, or other natural science fields, based on a contract with a public or private organization in Japan.
Dependent* Daily living activities on the part of the spouse or child of those who stay in Japan with a College Student visa in this table, or other visa (excluding Diplomat, Official, and Temporary Visitor visas).
Sightseeing, recreation, sports, visiting relatives, participating in observation tours or lectures, or other similar activities during a short period of stay in Japan.

* Note: UEC international students’ family members who hold “Dependent” visa status may be qualified to attend Japanese Language CoursesJapanese Language Courses without changing their status.

Created: March 30, 2010 / Last modified:November 19, 2012