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Scholarships for Privately funded International Students

Every year around July, UEC recruits possible recipients of recommendation scholarships for privately funded students (university-recommendation scholarships). The university recommends that students with excellent academic results who meet application eligibility requirements apply for these scholarship programs. Please note that the number of scholarship students recruited is
very limited and that non-full-time students are rarely recognized as eligible for scholarships. In addition, receiving a recommendation does not necessarily mean that the student will receive a scholarship.

If you are a privately funded student and would like to receive a university-recommendation scholarship, you MUST take the university-recommendation scholarshipin interview test that is conducted every year in September. Students who do not take the interview test are not eligible for university-recommendation scholarships for the following fiscal year.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Scholarship(Recruitment in Japan)

This is a scholarship program for privately funded students provided by the Japanese government. The university recommends a few students with excellent academic results from both the undergraduate (prospective undergraduate students who are about to advance to their final year) and graduate levels for this scholarship program.

Honors Scholarship for Privately Funded International Students

This is a one-year scholarship offered by the Japan Student Services Organization.

Scholarships for International Students in Japan -JASSO

Private Scholarships

There are a number of scholarship programs offered by private scholarship foundations. The amount provided to the student ranges from ¥20,000 to ¥180,000, depending on the foundation.Among the private scholarships available, some do not require a recommendation from the university and allow the student to apply directly to the foundation.

大学推薦の奨学金大学推薦の奨学金(Japanese text only)

Other Scholarships

Some wards (administrative districts of Japanese cities) and cities offer scholarships for students who live in the ward or city. Please ask about such scholarships at the ward office or city office of the area in which you live.

For more information, please click on

奨学金|電気通信大学(Japanese text only)

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