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Private Apartment and Condominium

If you would like to live in a private apartment, first ask at the UEC Univ Co-op office on the ground floor of University Center for information on apartments.  Note that apartments in Japan do not normally come furnished with furniture or appliances.  They do not allow you to share an apartment for one person use with another, either.  If thinking of sharing a room, you must find such apartment for more than two people use.

When moving into a private apartment, it is very common in the Tokyo area to be asked to pay the equivalent of one or two months’ rent as a security deposit (part of which will be returned to the tenant when he/she moves out), a similar amount in so-called key money, and the equivalent of one or more month’s rent to the real estate agent as a service charge (when renewing the lease, which normally takes place every two years, it is common to impose a service charge equivalent to one month’s rent ). 

Rent Guidelines for a single use apartment
Category Space Rent (per month)
Apartment 4.5 to 6 tatami-mat space
(about 6.5m2 to 9m2)
from ¥20,000 (without bath) from ¥40,000 (with bath)
Condominium 6 to 8 tatami-mat space
(about 9m2 to 12m2)
from ¥50,000

Note: In addition to rent, you will need about ¥1,000 to ¥3,000 for miscellaneous expenses.

Guarantor Required for Renting a Room

If you use a guaranty company for renting a room, please choose the guaranty company which provides excellent support for international student.

K Service
Tel 03-6869-9325
Regular Hours AM9:00-PM6:00 on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat Only

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