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Types of International Student

At UEC, there are several types of international student, as listed below.

International Undergraduate Students

These are high-school graduates or students with academic ability equal to that of a high-school graduate who will receive an education at the undergraduate level. They include the following three types:

Japanese government-sponsored international students(hereafter referred to as “Japanese government-sponsored students”)

These students receive an education at the undergraduate level with a scholarship from the
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, based on the Japanese
Government Scholarship Program for International Students.

Foreign government-sponsored international students (from Malaysia, Thailand,
etc; hereafter referred to as “foreign government-sponsored students”)

These are students dispatched by other countries that cover their educational expenses and are
admitted upon request from the Japanese government.

Privately funded international students

These are students who receive an education at their own expense or with the assistance of a
scholarship provided by a private organization.

International Graduate Students ( hereafter reffered to as "graduate students" )

These are graduates of a university outside of Japan who will receive an education in a specialized research field at the graduate level (master’s courses and doctoral courses). As with undergraduate students, there are three main types: Japanese government-sponsored students, foreign government-sponsored students, and privately funded students.

This guidebook groups the abovementioned “undergraduate students” and “graduate students” together and refers to them as “full-time students.”

Other International Students

Japanese-language preparatory students (hereafter referred to as “preparatory students”)

These are students who come to Japan as Japanese government-sponsored students on the recommendation of the Japanese embassy and are required to study Japanese for six months before entering UEC or another university or graduate school. If there is room in the program, Japanese government-sponsored students recommended by a university who wish to study Japanese because their language skills are not advanced enough are also accepted (however, the approval of the academic supervisor is required).

Short-term exchange students (hereafter referred to as “JUSST students”)

These are exchange students studying at UEC under an agreement between UEC and another university. These students study at UEC for between six months and one year while remaining registered at the university in their home country. The characteristics of this short-term exchange program are as follows:

Research Students

These are students who are supervised in their subject area by an academic supervisor. They do not earn credits or a degree. As a rule, their term of residence is one year or less. Graduates of undergraduate programs are eligible for enrollment.

Created: March 29, 2010 / Last modified: January 10, 2014